The National Collaborative Leadership Program (NCLP) is the most recent addition to the portfolio of National Programs of the Diwan of Royal Court, Sultanate of Oman, the NCLP builds on the success of its two existing initiatives for private and public sector leaders - the National CEO Program (NCP) and the National Leadership & Competitiveness Program (NLCP).

Bringing together competent senior leaders from Oman’s public and private sectors, the NCLP aims to develop a community of collaborative leaders with a shared commitment to accelerating the Sultanate’s economic progress and enhancing its international competitiveness.

In order to ensure NCLP participants are empowered with the skills, capabilities and mindset necessary for collaborative leadership, the national program is designed in partnership with Cambridge Consortium (UK) among the most respected international organizations for leadership learning. The program will be delivered in both Oman and international locations.

H.E. Dr Ali Qassim Jawad Al-Lawati

Advisor for Studies and Research to the Diwan of Royal Court



A very warm welcome to the National Collaborative Leadership Program (NCLP), launched under the auspices of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said, May His Soul Rest in Peace .

The NCLP is the latest programme aimed at building a community of executive leaders from public and private sectors to capitalize on the recent trends shaping the business world and to unlock the Sultanate’s economic potential.

Only by working together, can public and private sectors leaders enhance the business environment and thus quickly adapt to the innovation demands of a world entering the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR).

Complimenting previous national programs sponsored by the Diwan, this program will provide the leadership skills and techniques that will empower the participants to work collaboratively for a future sustainable development in Oman and harnessing 4IR growth opportunities.

We encourage you to be fully engaged and to commit to this unique learning opportunity, since it will not only bring significant benefits for you as a leader, but also for your community and for Oman as a whole.



Building public-private collaborative leaders in the New Economy.



To build a community of public and private sector Omani leaders built on trusted and trusting cross-sector working relationships.


To equip participants with knowledge, skills and attitudes to work together across public and private sectors focused on developing projects and initiatives in the new economy.


To build a cross public-private sector collaborative network focused on addressing the emerging opportunities of the Sultanate (growth sectors).