NCLP Admission

Who should Apply?

The NCLP is selecting a cohort of 40 exceptional Omani senior leaders across the public and private sectors.


A diverse cohort is an important aspect of the program and we strongly encourage applications from suitably qualified and motivated individuals from all sectors - public and private organizations - and from across the governorates of the Sultanate.


Admission to the NCLP is based on a competitive three-phased process; including assessing the applicant’s personal and professional achievements, online personality and ability tests, and a full-day at an assessment center.

Applications to the program will be evaluated through a transparent, rigorous and merit-based process designed and managed by an independent and world-class human resources consulting firm.


  • All applicants must meet the following prerequisite criteria:
    • Be an Omani national
    • Hold a bachelors degree or above
    • Be at least 32 years of age at the time of application
    • Have a minimum of 10 years relevant work experience
    • Be proficient in English (good spoken and written English is mandatory)
    • Uphold high standards of integrity and professional ethics
    • Submit a support letter from their sponsor (private sector: CEO or Chairman; public sector: line supervisor)
  • Private sector applicants must hold the position of:
    • A CEO (in small and medium-sized enterprises), or
    • One level below the head of organizations (in medium and large organisations), or
    • One or two levels below heads of organizations (in a very large organization)
  • Public sector:
    • Hold the position of Director General or equivalent [Non-managerial jobs (occupational/ practitioner roles), such as doctors, teachers, etc. are not eligible].
  • Applicants must apply where they spend 80% or more of their time and for which they are remunerated on full-time basis.
  • Only one direct relative will be enrolled in the program.
  • National programs alumni are not eligible.

The Ideal Candidate:

  • Has full-time employment in the relevant sector.
  • Have held roles with increasing responsibilities, including:
    • Direct influence in the design and/or execution of policy areas that have significant impact on the business environment and competitiveness of the Sultanate
    • Leadership of core business or support or specialist and advisory functions/teams that have significant exposure to the business environment
    • Involvement in change management and/or transformation initiatives
    • Budgetary responsibility and financial management
    • People leadership

Program Fees:

The Diwan of Royal Court will sponsor the program in full, which includes all academic fees, learning, facilitation and administration.

Note: Accommodation and travel costs will be covered for out of country modules only. In country modules will take place in Muscat.

Application Process

Important Dates in the Application & Selection Process

  • Online applications for the NCLP are open from 12am on 6th November until 11.59pm on 17th November, 2019. It is not possible to apply outside of these dates.
  • Phase 1 qualified applicants will be informed by 12th December and invited for the Phase 2 proctored online tests in Muscat, which will take place between the 17th and 23rd December, 2019 (excluding 20th and 21st December).
  • Shortlisted candidates from Phase 2 will be informed by 7th January, 2020 and will be invited to the Phase 3 Assessment Center, which will be located in Muscat, between 12th January and 22nd January, 2020.
  • Announcement of the 40 candidates selected to take part in the NCLP will be made by the 9th February, 2020.
  • The NCLP orientation session will take place between 18-20th February, 2020 in Muscat.

Getting ready to apply:

  • Applications can only be made online
  • There are three steps involved in the application process
  • Please make sure you read all the instructions carefully before starting on your application
Phase 1
In Step One:
  • When you are ready to apply, click here or go to the Apply Now section of this website.
  • Answer the introduction questions to confirm that you meet the minimum eligibility criteria to apply for the program.
  • If you meet the minimum eligibility criteria, you will be invited to proceed to Step 2 of the application Phase one process.
In Step Two:
  • Complete the application form.
  • You must complete all sections of the application form.
  • This should take between 45-90 minutes if you have scanned copies of the required documents is ready.
  • You will also be required to write responses to a series of questions.
  • Please write your answers in the spaces provided, to a maximum of 400 words per response.
  • The questions will test your motivation and help assess your potential for joining the NCLP.

Think carefully about your short answer responses and use them to build your case for why you should be selected to participate in the NCLP. You should highlight your commitment.

Shortlisted candidates will undergo two additional rounds of assessment before being selected for the first cohort of the NCLP.

Required Documents:

  1. When you submit your completed application form, you will need to include your CV.
    • Click here for the template that you should use for your CV.
    • Prepare your CV in advance and save it in PDF format.
    • It should be a maximum of four pages in length.
    • Remember - your CV is an important written representation of your profile and provides vital information that will help the National Programs Team evaluate your application.
    • Your CV should outline your key responsibilities and achievements to date, but should not be a standard job description of the role.
    • It should provide clear supporting evidence for your responses to the questions.
  2. Along with your CV, you will also need to provide the following (as PDF files):
    • A scanned copy of your valid Omani National ID card (private and public sector applicants).
    • A support letter from your (Private Sector: CEO or Chairman, Public Sector: Line Supervisor)
    • A scanned copy of your job card if it’s available (public sector applicants only)
    • Click at the links below to obtain the template of your Letter of Support based on your sector:

When you have completed the Application Form and have your CV and supporting documentation ready, click Submit to complete Step Two of the application process

  • You may save your application and come back later to complete it at any time.
  • Please submit your completed application and question responses, CV, and supporting documentation by 11:59pm on 17th November.
Phase 2

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to a proctored online test in Muscat, which will take place 17th-23th Dec, 2019)- you must make yourself available during this time.

Phase 3
Assessment Centres & Interviews
Date: 12th to 22nd January

Location: Muscat

The Assessment Centre will be conducted in English by a group of independent assessors. As part of the comprehensive Assessment Centre you will participate in the following four activities:

  1. Competency-based Interviews
    • Duration: About 60 minutes
    • Drawing on information from your online submissions, this interview will assess your profile and potential against a competency framework designed around the characteristics of effective collaborative leadership.
    • The interview will attempt to understand your current profile. Your potential would contribute towards the learning cohort for the NCLP.
  2. Group Exercise
    • Duration: About 60 minutes
    • This challenging activity is designed to demonstrate collaborative working styles.
    • Based upon a short case study, you will be required to work in a cross-public/private sector group of applicants.
  3. Expert Panel Interview
    • Duration: About 30 minutes
    • The final step of the process, the expert panel Interview will cover:
      • Your profile
      • Your understanding of the program elements
      • Your motivation
  4. Assessment Tool
    • Duration: About 60 minutes
    • An online assessment tool will also be administered during that day to allow the panel to understand the participants’ motivations and aptitudes relevant to the program further.
    • Note: will provide individual feedback for applicants who are unsuccessful at Step three of the Admissions process
What’s Next?
Application Tracking
  • You will receive an automated email acknowledging receipt of your submission from
  • This email will include your application reference number.
  • You must quote this number in any future communications with the National Programs Team.
  • Check your junk/spam email folders for emails throughout the application process, in case some of our important messages have been filtered out.
  • In the unlikely event that you do not receive an email acknowledgement, please contact us at
  • You may check the status of your application at any time by clicking here and logging in using your email address.
After That?
  • From the applicants who have submitted complete applications and met the selection, 300 applicants will be short-listed to progress to phase 3 and invited to attend the proctored psychometric test.
  • By the 7th January, you will receive an email advising if your application has been short-listed to attend a one-day center assessment.
  • If you are successfully shortlisted, the email will provide instructions for Phase Three of the process.
Official Announcement

The 40 successful candidates for the NCLP will be notified by email by 9th February 2020. Participant names will also be published on the Program website.