What is the NCLP’s vision?

Building Public - Private Collaborative Leaders for Oman.

What elements of the National Agenda does NCLP address?

The program recognizes the importance of effective public sector and private sector collaboration for the future growth and performance of Oman’s economy. As such, this program is designed to build a community of Public-Private Collaborative Leaders, based on trusted and trusting relationships.

What are the participant fees for the NCLP?

The NCLP is an investment by the Diwan of Royal Court. The Diwan of Royal Court sponsors all tuition fees, learning materials and administration, as well as appropriate travel and accommodation costs for modules taking place overseas. Participants attending the program from outside of Muscat will need to cover travel and accommodation costs for modules taking place in Muscat.

How can I enquire about the NCLP?

The best starting point is a careful review of the NCLP website which contains all of the information required to make a decision about your application. If you have other enquiries, please email the National Programs Team on support@nclp.om

Applying / Admission

What if a qualified participant is not accepted onto the Program?

Selection for the NCLP is highly competitive as places are limited. The National Programs Team encourages applicants who have not been successful to learn from the experience and to use this to grow and develop their capabilities for the future.


When will applicants be informed of their successful application to the NCLP?

Successful applicants will be notified by the 9th February, 2020.


How do I find out about the status of my Application?

Once applicants start the process, they can check the status of their application at any time by entering their personal number in the Application Tracking field on the following website: apply.nclp.om


What if I am not available for the online test and Assessment Centre dates?

The dates for the Assessment Centres and Expert Panel interviews are highlighted in the Program Calendar section of this website. If you are invited to the interviews stage, please ensure you are available in Muscat (or able to travel to Muscat) throughout those dates as, due to high demand, we are unable to reschedule.


Is the NCLP looking for participants from specific government entities or sectors of the economy?

The NCLP vision is to build a community of public - private collaborative leaders. This means we are selecting against the characteristics of a collaborative leader rather than against a specific public or private sector profile. We encourage and welcome applicants from across the strategic sectors, across government entities, and across the Governorates of the Sultanate.

Are Omanis living overseas eligible to apply?

The Program is open for Omani nationals living in the Sultanate and overseas. The program requires a considerable time commitment and the participant is expected to attend all program modules and intermodular sessions as well as work extensively on Group Projects in their own time.

Are any selection criteria used to rule out applicants?

NCLP automatically rules out non-Omani applicants, applicants who are not fluent in English, applicants with less than 10 years of experience, applicants who are younger than 32 years of age, and applicants who have an immediate family member who is, or has been, a participant on the program.

Please visit the Who Should Apply? section under Apply for a complete list of the admission criteria.


Do I need to be proficient in written and spoken English to apply?

Yes, because the program will be delivered in English.


How many places will be available for the NCLP 2019 intake?

With a total cohort size of 40 participants, the 2019 NCLP intake will comprise 20 private sector senior leaders and 20 public sector senior leaders.


How do I apply for the NCLP?

Eligible applicants interested in the National Collaborative and Leadership Program can only apply via the online application form during the application period which will be open from midnight, 6th Nov and close midnight, 17th Nov, 2019 Submissions will only be accepted with the online application form. Applications received after the 17th November will not be considered.

Please refer to the website www.nclp.om for more information about the application process.

Please review the complete Application Process under the Admission tab. This gives a detailed comprehensive description of the selection process as well as the applicant profile. Please make sure you read this section extremely carefully if you are intending to apply. It provides all the information you require.


How long does the online application form take to complete?

The application form should take approximately 45-90 minutes to complete, providing you have scanned copies of all the required documentation (including your cv, letter of support etc.). Once the applicant has started the form, he/she has the option to save the application and return to complete it at a later date, as long as it is still within the online application period. An email will be sent to the applicant with their application number so they can access the application again.

The Learning Journey

Can the NCLP be completed effectively while in a full time job?

The NCLP learning journey is module-based and can be completed while participants continue to work in their current role. However, participants are required to allocate time away from the office throughout the ten months of the Program. This includes a total of 23 module days (in Muscat and overseas) with extra days allocated for travel on either side of modules. In addition, participants will be expected to dedicate approximately 20 days away from the office for project work.


How much preparation time is required for the modules or during the inter-modular phases?

Approximately four weeks before each module, you will receive preparation reading and potentially a questionnaire to complete. This must be completed ahead of the module. Additionally, during the three inter-modular phases, you will be required to work in groups to progress your projects. It should be noted that project work will require approximately 20 days away from the office.


How are the 20 days of project work scheduled?

The project groups are responsible for scheduling these days themselves with business coaches.


Do I have to attend all modules and inter-modular activities?

Participation in the NCLP represents a significant investment of time from individuals and their organisations. Once accepted, participants will need to sign a Commitment Letter indicating their understanding and acceptance of the Program schedule and the required course work. Participants unable to dedicate themselves to the entire Program* for any reason will be released from the Program.

*Please refer to the Program Calendar for the complete schedule of program modules and timeline.


Where will the Oman based modules take place?

Oman based modules will normally take place at Al Wahat Club in Muscat.


Can family members travel with me to the out-of-Muscat sessions?

We do not allow family members of participants to accompany them during the out-of-Muscat sessions in Cambridge Module 2. This stipulation also applies to modules that take place overseas (Modules 4).


Overseas Modules

How many days of travel should I expect?

Two modules (Leadership Module 2 & Site Visit Module 4) will take place overseas. Participants are expected to arrive at the module’s destination at least the evening prior to the commencement of the module. Bearing this in mind, at least one day’s travel either side of these modules should be allowed.


Will participants be required to apply for overseas visas?

Participants will be responsible for obtaining their own visas for their international modules. This should be done well ahead of their travel schedule. The Diwan of Royal Court will support the visa application by providing the required documents relevant to the program (e.g. proof of acceptance). The Diwan of Royal Court will also cover visa costs.


Can family members travel with me to the overseas modules?

The Leadership & Application Module (Modules 2 & 4), both of which take place in the international environment, means that participants need to be completely committed to the learning and not subject to any distractions. As a result, we do not allow family members of participants to accompany them during out-of-country modules.


After the Program

What comes after the NCLP?

Successful graduates from the NCLP will be admitted to membership of the Oman Business Forum (OBF). This exclusive community of leaders is dedicated to fostering collaboration between public and private sectors as well as facilitating and enhancing the sharing of ideas, knowledge and best practice between the two groups.

For further information, please visit www.obf.om

Does graduation from the NCLP guarantee a promotion within the participant’s organisation?

Graduation from the NCLP does not guarantee any future promotion whether in the public or the private sectors. The Program aims to build world-class Omani collaborative leaders capable of driving growth and development in the economy. The NCLP is not involved in any recruitment activities.