Program overview

Impact on personal level
Personal leadership development that can be immediately translated as PPP leaders.
Impact on national level
Participants will become part of a trusted and trusting collaborative cross-sector community of leaders, all working with a shared vision towards a common goal

Learning Journey

1 / Orientation Session

Oman, Muscat

Module One is delivered in Muscat; this highly experiential three-day module has been designed to begin the process of building relationships across the public and private sector participants, to establish a common language and to identify those characteristics that make for great collaboration.

2 / Future Leadership


Placing the participant in an unfamiliar environment, this challenging learning methodology catalyses new thinking about a range of leadership, management and professional approaches. During the NCLP, participants will be immersed in 4IR technologies, facilitating their understanding of the future world of work. Additionally, experiential learning will introduce participants to examples of effective, as well as less effective, public-private, collaboration. Project work will begin immediately following this module.

3 / Mega Dive


An intense three-day workshop designed to refine and enrich the initial project work. This is a high-energy creative module in which external experts and project teams will support each other to accelerate and focus the project activities.

4 / Site Visits

International venues

A valuable 4 day site visit learning experience for project teams, focused on elaborating worldwide knowledge, practice in forth industrial revolution economies and digital disruption. Locations for site visits will be decided based on the most relevant destination for each project.

5 / Presentation of Recommendations


Participants will make final refinements to their project recommendations and refine the approach they will take in presenting their results. The module will conclude with a formal final presentation to stakeholders.

Inter-Modular Support


Throughout the program, participants will be supported by individual performance coaches, team business coaches and experts that are knowledgeable in the areas each project is addressing.

Each participant will be allocated a personal coaching as well as peer level buddy-coaching sessions, with each pair consisting of one participant from the private sector and one form the public sector. This will allow sharing of perspectives and experience.

All project teams will be provided with a team Business Coach, who will work alongside the team to ensure their project is progressing effectively and team dynamics are constructive.

Program Framework

Approach: A ten Month based modular learning journey, that is innovative and thought-provoking.

Methodology: The NCLP has been designed in close partnership with our strategic partners, Cambridge Consortium, to deliver an innovative and impactful learning journey. Drawing on the latest learning methodologies, the program architecture includes:

Collaborative Relationship Building

The initial program module establishes trusted, and trusting, relationships between public and private sector participants; using a range of community building mechanisms. The engagement process establishes a common language in order to build a collaborative and supportive environment.

Experiential Learning

The NCLP is delivered in a variety of contexts and locations in Oman and overseas. Exposing different ways of thinking, leadership and best practices, and implementation of strategic projects in the world of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).

Classroom Learning

By creating a powerful and thought-provoking setting, the NCLP classroom delivers the tools, techniques, and the skills and capabilities required for collaborative leaders. This is designed around a strategic leadership journey.

One-to-One Personal Leadership Coaching

The program includes a personal coaching process that gives participants the time, space and opportunity to reflect on their roles as leaders, now and into the future. It facilitates the translation of learning into personal development, as well as accelerating the application of the learning to the workplace and to Oman.

Learning Application

An integral part of the NCLP is the application of learning. Participants will work on projects that will be focused on real Omani competitive opportunities, both in existing sectors and in evolving new growth sectors for Oman’s economy.

Participants will perform project presentations throughout the Program, concluding with a formal final presentation to stakeholders.

Competency Framework

The program is designed to develop and enhance a number of competencies with participants. These are designed to be relevant to the demands of leading innovation in a 4IR world, through active collaboration between the public and private sectors including:

  • Risk Management
  • Managing and adapting for influence
  • Role modelling behaviors and mindsets
  • Being an active generator of change
  • Entrepreneurialism and innovation drive
  • Developing a holistic, inclusive perspective
  • Complex problem solving
  • Critical thinking, decision-making and judgment
  • Creative thinking and cognitive flexibility
  • Collaboration expertise
  • Service orientation
  • 4IR Knowledge: contextual and stakeholder awareness